Winner of the 2019 Black Pear Press Prize for Fiction

The award is for a graduating student at the University of Worcester whose work demonstrates an outstanding achievement in the writing of fiction. Eligible portfolios are shortlisted by the university, with Black Pear Press editors choosing the winner. The 2019 prize was awarded to Olivia Camozzi-Jones, with Courtney Johnson receiving the runner-up commendation.

“The choice to use the letter to shape this thoughtful and well-plotted novella is effective. It allows a feeling, right from the first letter, of overhearing. A sense of being privy to something secret; private thoughts are laid bare. This is very compelling. The fact these letters, and the novella itself, are based on true-life experiences gives this piece of work a sense of emotive energy. Using the word escape in the first letter brings in a sense of dread in the reader. A question is immediately posed; escape from where? Camozzi-Jones writes a tender and lamenting piece of creative non-fiction.” Ruth Stacey

“With little assistance to depend upon, many young people turn to unsafe methods of coping, including self-harm, misuse of drugs and alcohol and in the worst cases, taking their own lives. This is an engrossing and thought-provoking story.” Black Pear Press

Olivia Camozzi-Jones

Bad Birthdays Club is available to purchase from the Black Pear Press website.

The virtual launch is on the 25th May 2020. Details here.

For more information about studying Creative Writing at the University of Worcester please visit the following page:

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