Winner of the 2019 V.Press Poetry Prize: Kelly Williams

The award is for a graduating student at the University of Worcester whose work demonstrates an outstanding achievement in the writing of poetry. Eligible portfolios are shortlisted by the university, with V. Press editor and director S.A. Leavesley choosing the winner.

Ynygordna is not a twee poetry collection for your kitschy coffee table display – this is a no-holds-barred fistfight with blood, guts and strap-ons. Williams is a true warrior poet and these poems will wound you. You’ve been warned.”
Jonathan Kinsman

“Bristling with vivid imagery, vibrant language and powerful emotions, these poems are not afraid to challenge conventional boundaries in poetry as in life. Ynygordna is a fresh and striking selection of poems, encompassing a bold and brave exploration of gender, sexuality and love within and against societal expectations.”
Sarah Leavesley, V. Press Prize for Poetry Judge

Kelly Williams winner of the 2019 V.
Press Poetry Prize, and runner-up Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço.

ynygordna by Kelly Williams is blowing. my. mind.
I haven’t been able to read the whole thing in one sitting because there’s so much here to think about, but I’m very close to the end and it deserves a recommendation for anyone in the market for fresh poetry on their shelves.

Williams provides a thorough exploration of gender and sexuality in these pieces, contending with issues of heteronormativity, gender stereotyping, and much more. The writing itself is crisp and cutting, with a clever use of form throughout making this as experimental as it is relevant.

A forceful but tender pamphlet, Williams has knocked it out of the park with this one.” Dr Charley Barnes

Kelly’s pamphlet is available to buy from V.Press Poetry.

For more information about studying Creative Writing at the University of Worcester please visit the following page:

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