Creative Writing and Screenwriting

“Studying this joint honours offers you the opportunity to develop your writing skills to a high industry standard. At the University of Worcester, both staff and students are really friendly and supportive. In both courses, you will learn how to to find yourself as a writer and put together a creative portfolio of your work, ready to apply for industry roles. You will learn a range of writing techniques as well as giving you regular opportunities to network with industry professionals. If you’re someone who is passionate about writing, this degree will be perfect for you.” Liam Lees, 2nd year joint honours student

Liam Lees

“Screenwriting and Creative Writing are intrinsically linked in a variety of ways with areas such as narrative structure, character development and audience emotional engagement vital when developing creative projects within both areas of expertise. However, whilst Creative Writing allows aspiring writers to fill the page with prose, Screenwriting enables writers to edit these texts and concentrate more on dialogue and writing for a visual medium. The specific Screenwriting skills acquired whilst undertaking a joint honours course alongside Creative Writing at the University of Worcester provides writers with an unrivalled creative opportunity to work alongside Industry Professionals which allows their writing to thrive and truly really come alive.” Mark Holloway, Lecturer in Screenwriting

Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço

“By combining Creative Writing with Screenwriting, I felt like every assignment, every piece of work and every lesson added to my growing portfolio. It kept me productive and it constantly broadened my horizons. I became more confident in my prose and I greatly improved my script writing!” Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço, joint honours Creative Writing & Screenwriting 2019 @eldritchbeard

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