Studying illustration and creative writing…

This is an exciting and vibrant course combination, with excellent facilities and supportive lecturers. Creative Writing aims to nurture your confidence as a writer and to support your development as a critical and skilful analyst of writing, whilst developing your commercial practice (writing for magazines, reviewing, proofreading, copywriting and editing) and understanding of the publishing industry.

When studying Illustration at Worcester, you aim to cover the complete range of genres and forms, including children’s books, editorial and magazine illustration, the graphic novel, reportage, authorial illustration and advertising.

Hear what our students say about studying this joint combination:

Rhea Wilson-Wright, one of our current third year students, talks about the way the two subjects converge: “Rather than thinking of the two sides of your degree as separate, think of them as one and how they can both accentuate the other parts of your practice.

Because the University is fairly small, you receive more care and attention than what the bigger universities can offer. My tutors always made time for me, even if I was struggling with something outside the realms of the course. Because of this, I feel I have more confidence in myself as a writer as well as an individual (cliche, but it’s how I feel).

Both my writing and illustration feed into one another. I focused on the concept of the illustrated novel in my dissertation and would like to continue with this, along with other little projects I’m excited to start now I have some extra time.”

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Willow Butler recently finished her final year of her joint degree and said: ‘Creative Writing and Illustration makes up the perfect joint degree. These are two courses that we know work together, and that we have known work together since we saw our first picture book as children. In my first year we were told by illustrator Chris Riddell that it was an asset to not only be able to illustrate but also to write, with those combined skills you’d go far!

I found this to be true as through the past three years at University I have found many times that the two courses’ modules topically coincided, allowing me to create illustrations for my creative writing assignments (something that was particularly helpful during my Writing for Children module). I found that the courses complimented each other superbly in both content and work amount – if I felt uninspired for Illustration I was instead able to spend my time writing and vice versa. The lecturers were eager to encourage us Joint students in combining work from either courses in new and creative ways – which I felt really helped me grow as a creative.’

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Seraphim Bryant graduated in 2018 and was awarded two prizes: “The first A grade I ever got in all my life was the first assignment at Worcester University studying Creative and Professional Writing. I was so shocked I went back to the tutor to tell her she had the student numbers mixed up. I’m so glad I was wrong.

I did a joint honours degree, 50/50 Creative Writing and Illustration. It wasn’t just the course that University of Worcester offered, it was the extras: commissions and awards offered by the University to students. I sat in on other open lectures, during reading weeks and events at the Hive. I had the chance to experience other degrees on open days and development weeks. As a Student Ambassador I learnt about opportunities and got paid to enjoy my course on open days. Importantly, I met the friends and colleagues of my future. These are not the people I will be competing with for art or writing commissions, instead we became the network of people who would help each other nail these commissions, give each other the support and encouragement to enter the business end of what our degrees become. I left from University of Worcester with my degree, two awards in Illustration and three active commissions.”

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If this sounds like the degree for you please get in touch.

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