Student Testimonials

What our students say:

Below you will find student quotes about studying at the University of Worcester, their experience of learning how to be a writer, and the next stages in their careers.

“Joining the UniSlam team and competing in 2020 was a lifechanging opportunity. I got to network with a community I had been admiring from the side-lines since I was 15. I workshopped amongst fellow talented voices across the countries and competed on behalf of a university that had built my confidence to perform. The poets on my team are people I now consider my closest friends. The passion we share for poetry is nourished on Worcester’s Creative Writing course and evident in the poetry modules you can take throughout your time studying here. The University of Worcester have changed my life and made sure I feel ready to face my next stage in life as a confident academic and poet.”

Amber Horne Creative Writing & English Literature 2022

Christiana Curtiss Creative Writing & Screenwriting 2021

I chose to study Creative Writing at Worcester because I wanted to do something I was passionate about and knew I would enjoy, rather than just hustling to survive. I devoured books as a kid and I’ve been writing stories for as long as I can remember, but all it’s meant is hard drives full of first drafts that I never followed up on. I wanted to push myself to develop and hone my skills, and maybe actually get published, and to do that I needed to be in spaces where I would be challenged and receive feedback. Worcester also had the best open day of all the universities I visited, which helped me feel confident in my decision. My favourite part of the course was being introduced to poetry. I joined the UniSlam team for three years running thanks to Dr McGowan’s passion for spoken word.

“Until moving to Worcester I had little to no motivation to do anything, I was stuck in a 9-5 job that I didn’t mind, but I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life doing. I always joked that my life was outside of my hometown, and it turns out my foresight was correct. By diving into the unknown, I have not only racked up 18 publications – one of which being my debut poetry collection to be published by a press later this year, but I also became a Poetry Editor and met the love of my life to whom I have recently got engaged. Why is this relevant to my university degree, you ask? Because university is more than just grades, it’s about growth. No matter what age you enter, you will never come out the same person you went in.”

Faye Procter Creative Writing & English Literature 2021

Cath Darwen Creative Writing & English Literature 2020

“When I wrote my piece for the dissertation the last thing on my mind was getting picked for the Creative Writing Poetry prize. Instead, I was buried in research and lost in feminist theory. It was a wonderful surprise! Being around many other creative students helped to make this fictional piece the best it could be, and to say that it got picked above the other wonderful work is humbling. Congratulations to everyone and I’m honoured to see this project to completion.”

Kelly Williams Creative Writing & English Literature 2019

“Studying a degree in Creative Writing allowed me to develop my skills as a writer and hone them into something productive. Before studying at Worcester, writing was a hobby and now I view it as a career path; able to understand it as something that can be improved and developed beyond that. In particular, studying a Creative Writing degree at Worcester allowed me to differentiate between writing styles, which led to me realising that I love to write poetry.”

“Studying creative writing at the University of Worcester was the best choice I have ever made. The lecturers made sure we were exposed to all sectors of the creative industry and helped all of us reach our full potential and break into our selected career paths – something I’ll forever be grateful for.”

Lydia Chenhall Creative Writing & English Literature 2020

Seraphim Bryant Creative Writing & Illustration 2018

“Worcester university is like no other I have studied at. My tutors wanted to understand me and what had motivated me to attempt a BA. Because I was understood I had the right kind of support and the right advice. It became my degree, not just a degree.”

“The Creative Writing tutors at the University of Worcester were an inspiration to me; they helped me discover a voice and feel confident in my work.
I felt encouraged and supported throughout the Creative Writing degree programme to leave my comfort zone and experiment with different literary genres.”

Margaret Adkins Creative Writing & English Literature 2018

Manav Agrawal Creative Writing & Screenwriting 2020

“Creative Writing at the University of Worcester is a form of freedom. If you’ve got stories within you that you are burning to tell, then this degree will help you do that! As someone who has experienced this course, I can honestly say that Worcester will unleash the writer in you and through the power of words, you will become a confident and powerful storyteller.”

“The Creative Writing course was all that I needed to truly believe in myself as a writer. It was an investment that has propelled my career to heights I once thought unimaginable. All the hard work, the extracurricular opportunities and the contacts made through the course influenced me in the best way possible. By combining Creative Writing with Screenwriting, I felt like every assignment, every piece of work and every lesson added to my growing portfolio.”

Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço  Creative Writing & Screenwriting 2019

Olivia Camozzi Jones Creative Writing & English Literature 2019

“When I started my studies, I was encouraged to have confidence in my writing and I quickly became accustomed to letting people read and commend or constructively criticise my work. My confidence grew immensely in the first year alone due to the incredible support and encouragement of the lecturers, and the following two years introduced me to a number of varying styles that I was able to adapt into my own writing and develop my skill into something I will make a successful career out of.”

“Studying Creative Writing at the University of Worcester helped me to hone my creativity and take my first steps towards becoming a professional writer. Under the guidance of published authors and critics, I was encouraged to experiment with different forms and genres while maintaining a style that was distinctively me.”

Michael Wheatley Creative Writing & English Literature 2018

Chloe Hanks Creative Writing & English Literature 2020

“Studying a degree in creative writing has given me the opportunity to nurture and exercise my strengths and weaknesses in both creative and academic writing. Throughout my time at Worcester I have discovered a passion for poetry which I have been able to explore thanks to the spoken word events put on at the Hive. My writing has become enriched and unique thanks to my time here.”