Review of prizewinning collection by Kellan River Williams

Vic Pickup reviews YNYGORDNA for Sphinx Reviews Contrasting for emphasis This is a brave, fierce collection of ‘warrior’ poems. Its pages filled with a rainbow of emotions, Ynygordna (‘androgyny’ spelt backwards) explores ‘gender, sexuality and love within and against societal expectations', says the V. Press website. The juxtaposition of hate and anger with the safety of pure, fluid love, … Continue reading Review of prizewinning collection by Kellan River Williams

Writing students inspired by tapestries

Artist Oliver Bliss has been working on a fascinating and timely project producing complex, intricate embroidered tapestries which interrogate ideas of masculinity and social media gaze. The launch of the #softlads poetry anthology is on Saturday 29th January, and will feature a number of University of Worcester's Creative Writing students. The project was based around … Continue reading Writing students inspired by tapestries