Creative Writing & English Language

Language shapes our world. It influences our perception of reality, brings our thoughts to life, and enables us to form relationships and forge communities. Richly textured and infinitely diverse, we work with language every day to communicate with those around us, from the formality of the boardroom to the clarity of the classroom. At the … Continue reading Creative Writing & English Language

A conversation about creativity, muses and non-binary expression in poetry

ARTIST & MUSE: Kelly Williams, winner of the V.Press Prize for Poetry, in conversation with Taylor Shatford. “With your writing, you take the reader into that space. You know, you create such vivid imagery that you end up there with them.” - TS My collection titled ‘ynygordna’ was inspired primarily by my partner, Taylor Shatford, … Continue reading A conversation about creativity, muses and non-binary expression in poetry

Creative Writing and English Literature

Students and staff talk about the 'hybrid learning experience' that encourages 'playfulness, originality and innovation' in our joint honours Creative Writing and English Literature degree. Prize-winning students Margaret Adkins and Michael Wheatley reflect on their time with us, and lecturers Dr Lucy Arnold and Ruth Stacey describe what each subject brings to the other. Michael … Continue reading Creative Writing and English Literature

Studying illustration and creative writing…

This is an exciting and vibrant course combination, with excellent facilities and supportive lecturers. Creative Writing aims to nurture your confidence as a writer and to support your development as a critical and skilful analyst of writing, whilst developing your commercial practice (writing for magazines, reviewing, proofreading, copywriting and editing) and understanding of the publishing … Continue reading Studying illustration and creative writing…

Copywriting? “It’s the wordy part of advertising.”

A guest post by Lydia Chenhall Creative Writing & English Literature 2020 My career as a copywriter is still pretty new. People ask me what I do all the time, and the best response I can give them is that “It’s the wordy part of advertising.” The realisation that I wanted to be a copywriter … Continue reading Copywriting? “It’s the wordy part of advertising.”